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Showcasing your music on the IMWM 2022! 
  • Sign up, upload your band profile and a 45 second clip of your best song in MP3 format.
  • Once voting begins, your fans will have the opportunity to vote for you through your band's profile.
  • It is down to you to promote your music.
  • The top three acts with the most votes by the end of voting will win the prizes listed under Prizes section of the Nevolution page. These acts will go through to the final heat and fight it out for the record deal.
  • Please note, we don't pay attention to profile views and audio plays. We are only interested in votes.
  • DO NOT CHEAT. One vote per person. All material must be your own work and must not infringe copyright. We pay attention to this very closely. If you are caught cheating you will be disqualified from winning the aforementioned prizes.
  • Read all the rules and regulations