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Willkommen Guest


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Grand Prize

The act crowned IMWM 2022 winner will receive the following prizes:
  • A record deal from WCIF Records
  • Time on a high performance console at one of the world’s top recording studios in Munich.
  • Your own music video
  • World wide distribution for your record

Equipment Prizes
The act crowned IMWM 2022 winner will receive the following prizes:

Sennheiser ew145 G2 wireless microphone system
Sennheiser HD 25 monitoring headphones
Sennheiser e 935 professional vocal microphone
Sennheiser ew 840 live vocal microphone
EMU Precision Monitoring System (pair of PM5 Precision Monitors
EMU PS12 PRecision Subwoofer)
EMU 1616M PCI Digital Audio System
EMU 0404 USB Audio Interface
Neumann TLM 193 studio microphone
Sennheiser KMS 104 live vocal microphone
Sennheiser HD 650 pro headphones
Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Bass Guitar
Universal Audio UAD DSP Card
Vintage Audio Equipment

More kit to be announced.